You can add your sales team to your Freshsales account and you can assign them different roles and scopes to them as per their designations

  • Role: Defines the things that the user would be able to do inside Freshsales.
  • Scope: Restricts access to the record for the user.

To add a user:

  1. Login to your Freshsales portal as an administrator.
  2. Go to Admin settings > General settings > Users.
  3. Click the New user button.
  4. In the Add user form, enter the following details:
          Mandatory fields  
          - Full Name: The user’s full name.  
          - Email: The user’s email address.
          - Job title: The user’s designation.
          - Work: The user’s phone number.
          - Mobile: The user’s personal number.
          - Time zone: The current time zone of the user.

        6. Pick the User Scope, i.e. what the user will see in your Freshsales account.The Scope is set to Global by default.

    7. Assign a role to the user, i.e. define what activities the user can perform within Freshsales.The user can be applied to more than one role.

      8. Click Save when you’re done.

Email invite: 

  • If the user is already part of another Freshsales account or other Freshworks products, they will receive an email asking them to join Freshsales. By clicking the Join Account button, they can use existing Freshworks credential of other account to log in to Freshsales.

  • If the user is not part of any Freshsales account or Freshworks product, he will receive a mail asking him to activate Freshsales.By clicking on "Activate your account," the user will be taken to a page where he / she will have to create login.Once a password has been created, the user will be redirected to Freshsales.

To change the details of the user, click the Edit icon next to the user on the list view page.