Step 1: Before Uninstalling SOLIDWORKS make sure you’re logged in as Local Administrator account & antivirus has been disabled.

Step 2: Also make sure you have deactivated your SOLIDWORKS license from current computer.

Step 3: Now go to control panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program & right click on SOLIDWOKS & select uninstall.

Step 4: Now select all the SOLIDWORKS Products & Click change under advanced options.

Step 5: Select all the options i.e. Program Files and Folders, Registry Entries, Data Files and Folders, and Download Files and Folders.  A list of locations that will be removed is given. Then click on Back to summary.

Step 6: Now click on Remove Items to uninstall the SOLIDWORKS Products.

Step 7: This uninstall method is helpful when you have to switch to new computer system & current system will be used by someone else.